There are many ways to get involved, stay informed, get help, and meet new people.  Make the most of your time as an Ithaca College Biology or Biochemistry Major:

  1. Join the club (s): The "Bio Club", "Pre-Health Society", "Pre-Vet" and "Chemistry" clubs are organized by fellow students who share common interests.  The clubs have both social and academic or service events.  Most Friday afternoons students and faculty gather in the CNS first floor foyer for fun, food and games.
  2. Apply for the Honor Society - "TriBeta Chi Xi Chapter".  Anyone with an interest in the biological sciences can join as an associate member.  Don't forget to check out the "Awards and Scholarships" available.
  3. Get involved in research.  As soon as your freshman year you can apply to do research with a biology faculty member.  Most professors have 3-4 students in their lab during the term (check out BIOL210, 302, 400 and summer research) - Check out Food Frenzy Fridays aka "Happy Hour" hosted by a different lab group every week - network with student researchers and faculty supervisors.
  4. Attend the "Biology Seminars".  These are FREE and open to the public.  They are held most Friday afternoons at 1:00 - 1:50 pm.  Come early for food and beverages and consider staying after to meet with the speakers in small group discussions.
  5. Work in the prep. room Jess Kerns will be your boss and you will learn to set up labs and troubleshoot problems.  It is a great lab experience.  You can also ask to work for a specific professor helping in their lab.  Hours may be flexible and can work around your course loads.
  6. Become a TA for the Principles of Biology labs or a biology tutor.  Remember how confusing it was being a freshman?  You can help out by becoming a teaching assistant in one of the first year labs.  Speak to the professors who lecture the course each term or contact Jess in the prep room if you are interested.
  7. Talk to your profs!  They are here to help.  Make appointments to see your academic advisor during the term or just stop by to say "hi". Attend review sessions and be an active participant in class.  Let your teachers know what interests you and what concerns you have.
  8. Form a study group.  You can meet in the computer lab, Bio Center, front foyer, library or residence hall.  Work together on review sheets and take advantage of all the resources at your fingertips.  Many profs post extra help on Sakai and some have chat rooms and discussion boards.  Stay connected via Twitter, Facebook, ...
  9. Talk to the upperclassmen.  They have been through many of the courses you are taking.  They may even have some ideas for interesting and exciting electives outside your science courses.
  10. Get involved in extra-curricular programs.  Check out the other clubs on campus and in the City of Ithaca.  Go downtown to an off-campus event. Try something new!
Need More Information?

Contact Ian Woods and he can provide assistance.