Steps to Enroll

The first step is to complete the general interest survey.

1.  February 26-28: Students must submit the General Interest Survey, 2024.

2. March 4-22: Faculty contact interested students.  

  • Note:  Both student interest and lab availability will be considered.

3. March 4-25:  Student meets with faculty to discuss potential research option.

4. March 25- 28: Student completes survey to indicate lab preferences.

5.  April 1: Students receives notification of their research assignment prior to the start of registration.

  • Students will automatically be registered upon their confirmation.
Biochemistry majors need to speak with relevant faculty in the Chemistry and Biology departments each semester.

Each department has a different procedure for matching and registration

BIOLOGY Faculty:  see the steps listed above.  Research topics are here.

CHEMISTRY Faculty:  discuss options with appropriate people 

Lab Selection Overview

A general overview and timeline.