Steps to Enroll

Fall 2022

1) Learn about the research opportunities:

Meet the professors at the Research Meet & Greet on Thursday, March 24, 4:00 pm, CNS 1st floor foyer

  • This is REQUIRED if you do not already have a firm commitment from a faculty member.
  1. Read the project descriptions carefully.  Look at the faculty's full web pages for greater details.
  2. Attend the meeting.  You will meet faculty and current research students.
  3. Submit the Request Research Form NO LATER  than March 31.  
    (However, the sooner you send that in, the sooner a faculty member can contact you to set up a time to meet).

2) Determine which labs you are most interested in

  1. Meet the faculty to see which lab(s) you’re ultimately interested in working in.  Students will be given specific information about the project, time required, what is expected of the student, type of techniques used, and background required.
  2. You will receive an email link to a form to rank your preferences for the Fall.  This form is due NO LATER than April 7th.

3) Confirmation and Enrollment:

5. Biology Faculty will meet to make lab assignments, matching as many students as possible with their 1st or 2nd choices
6. Students will be sent an e-mail confirming their acceptance (April 11)
7. The Department Assistant will notify you when you have been registered for the course.

Biochemistry majors need to speak with relevant faculty in the Chemistry and Biology departments each semester.

Each department has a different procedure for matching and registration.

Attend the information session/meeting 

March 24, 4 pm, CNS 1st Floor Foyer/112