Visiting Scholar-in-Residence

The Kesh Center sponsors visits from international scholars focusing on a variety of fields in communications.

International Scholar-in-Residence
Vedat Demir
Istanbul University

Vedat Demir is an associate professor in the Department of Public Relations and Publicity at his alma mater, Istanbul University where he teaches Political Communication, Media Ethics, and The Media and Policy Making.

He is a member of the advisory board for the Center for International Conflict Resolution at Yalova University, and the Journal of Strategic Foresight, published by Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies.  He previously served as General Secretary of the Turkish Press Council from 2000-2003.

Demir’s latest book centers on public diplomacy and discusses the shift from traditional pubic diplomacy, power from the economy or military, to a new public diplomacy that focuses on interpersonal relationships such as political systems, culture and education. The book will be published in Turkey later this year.

Demir received his bachelor and masters degrees from Marmara University and his Ph.D. from Istanbul University in Turkey.

While in the U.S., his research project will focus on political communication in campaigning. Demir’s goal is to reveal the purpose for which volunteers have in participating in U.S. federal elections in the hope of laying a foundation in Turkey for more serious elections. He will study the November 2012 elections, specifically campaign volunteers and the influence their work has.