Seminar Series: Spring 2024

1:00 p.m. All are welcome! 

CNS 112
(unless noted otherwise)


The Biology department offers a seminar (BIOL 41100/41200) series each semester representing a broad range of topics in  biology.  These seminars are open to the entire community.  Students are invited to meet with the speaker in a small group following the talk to answer questions related to the topic presented, or to answer questions regarding different careers in Biology.

Seminar Organizer, Susan Witherup

January 26

Introductory meeting for students taking Biology Seminar 

February 16 Cynthia Becker, Ph.D. (Biology, BS and Music, BA ‘17) 
"Microbes capture ecosystem disturbances on coral reefs"
February 23 Leann Kanda Sabbatical Report 
“Field, Fear, and Foraging: Studies on Animal Movement and Personality”
March 8

Abbi Paulson, Elmira College 
My path as a scientist, and the study of autism-associated genes in C. elegans"

March 29

Leanne Donahue (Biology BA, ‘13), PhD Candidate (Cornell, BBS) 
"Skin Cancer Susceptibility in the Eastern Spiny Mouse (Acomys dimidatus)"

April 12 Victoria Serrano, PhD Candidate (Cornell, GGD) 
"lon-1 as a nexus of positive and negative transcriptional outputs of BMP signaling in C. elegans"

MONDAY, April 29, 
4 pm, CNS 112

TUESDAY, April 30 4pm, CNS 112

Honors Research in Biochemistry and Biology

Biology Research: 

   Emma Anderson (Ian Woods); Nathali Panora (Nanda Cortes) 

Biochemistry Research:  

    Gürkaynak Birsen (Ed Cluett); Quinn Tufino (Andy Smith),; 
    Noah Strathmann (Scott Ulrich) 

4pm, CNS 112


1pm, CNS 112

Presenter Dates/Times, TBA

Biochemistry Research

  Ally Aretz (Dave Gondek), Jason Demers (Andy Torelli),  
  Ginny Illingworth (Te-Wen Lo), Eirene Omoniyi (Andy Smith)

Biology Research  

  Mya Brewster (Susan Witherup);  Harry Clarke (Peter Melcher);  
  Kellyanne Kearney (Ed Cluett); Sandy Hills (Susan Witherup);  
  Victoria Smart (Leann Kanda)