PhD Candidate, Immunology

Emily Siniscalco (she/her)
Class of 2019
Biology B.S.

What did you do during your time at IC?

Research (Lo Lab), Biology Club, volunteered with Te-Wen to do science outreach with local students (High School RNAi Lab, Lansing HS STEAM event).

What have you been doing since you graduated IC?

Ph.D. student in Immunobiology

How do you feel IC prepared you for your career?

My time at IC taught me how to think like a scientist in many different ways. I learned how to communicate scientific information at various levels from the general non-expert audience to a professional scientific setting. I also learned how to design experiments and read papers, both crucial skills that have helped me immensely in graduate school so far.

What is one thing you love about IC Biology?

To me, one of the most special aspects of IC Biology is the incredible mentorship available from our professors. My faculty mentors, in particular Te-Wen, whose lab I worked in, helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my scientific career and how best to achieve those goals. Without their help, I would not have been able to apply for summer research positions, fellowships, or graduate programs with any hope of success.

Additionally, I think that IC Biology has built an awesome student community within the department. Some of my best IC memories involve sitting in the conference room studying with my classmates and copious amounts of coffee, each of us asking questions about what we didn't understand and trying to help explain what we did.

Overall, I think the community of the IC Biology is what sets it apart. I know that I would not be the student or scientist I am today without the support, mentorship, and friendship of the people I met in Ithaca's Biology department, faculty and students alike.