Research Technician in the Drerup Lab

Mady Chlebowski (she/her)
Class of 2019
Major: Biology, B.S.
Minors: Psychology, Neuroscience


What did you do during your time at IC?

During my time at IC I worked as an RA for first year students. In the Bio Dept., I worked as a Lecture TA for Principles of Biology 2, in the Prep Lab, and even helped with animal care! I was a member of the Biology Club and Tri-Beta. My senior year I was on the Senior Class Council. I was also a member of STAT (Students Today Alumni Tomorrow). For almost 3 years I was a member of the amazing Woods Lab! I also spent a lot of time drinking coffee.

What have you been doing since you graduated IC?

When I first graduated from IC, I served in the Peace Corps teaching English in Indonesia! Currently, I am a research tech in the Drerup Lab at the University of Wisconsin - Madison!

How do you feel IC prepared you for your career?

IC Bio not only taught me the practical skills I need to succeed in a research environment - but also how to read papers, hone my critical thinking, and sharpen my ability to ask questions. The Bio Dept. prepared me to face the challenges that may come my way! While I might not always have the answers, I have the skills, determination, and know-how to find them! There is always more to learn and new science to see and do, thanks to IC - I can make the most of these experiences.

What is one thing you love about IC Biology?

I love that IC Biology always encourages students to be curious!! IC Bio supports its students as they try new things, take chances, and make mistakes - which helps us learn & grow as scientists and as people!