Current Position: MD Candidate, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

Sarah Cargill (she/her)
Class of 2020
Major: Biology, B.S


What did you do during your time at IC?

When first arriving to IC, I was an exercise science major and played on the women's basketball team. Due to a serious injury, I was unable to continue my athletic career and decided, based on my experience in the introductory-level biology courses, that I would switch my major to biology and join a research lab. I conducted research in the Miner Lab for 2.5 years, where I developed a molecular technique to distinguish two similarly-appearing organisms from one another. In addition, I was a teaching-assistant for Principles of Biology 2, a mathematics tutor, and the vice president of the biology club. I also volunteered at Longview, a senior living community, and in a surgical nursing unit in my local hospital.

What have you been doing since you graduated IC?

I am a first-year medical student at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine.

How do you feel IC prepared you for your career?

IC gave me a vast amount of opportunities to prepare me for medical school. Courses such as Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology prepared me for the introductory science courses that I have taken thus far at Temple. Also, being exposed to research early on in my college career strengthened my desire to conduct clinical research in the field of podiatry.

What is one thing you love about IC Biology?

My favorite thing about IC Biology is how the department is so close-knit. Every person, no matter professor or student, is proud to be a part of the biology community. Walking around the Temple campus, I am proud to say I am not another number that was in an undergraduate biology department, but I am a member of a lifelong family.