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2022 BBB Inductees

Congratulations to the 2022 BBB Inductees!

  • Joseph P. Arico, Biology/Anthropology
  • Jaiden S. Mason, Health Sciences
  • Cayla N. Perini, Biology
  • Madison N. Jones, Biochemistry
  • Nathan R. Souchet, Biochemistry

The Chi Xi chapter of Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) was installed at Ithaca College in 1992 and has more than 200,000 past and present members. Founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University, TriBeta has evolved to become a nationally recognized professional honor society whose purposes are to promote scholarship in the biological sciences, growth in biological knowledge and to encourage research.

person receiving vaccine

Boost It: The Importance of Boosters

Article Dave Gondek wrote for the Ithaca College community news in IC News.



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Dave Gondek, Faculty Excellence Award Recipient

Congratulations, Dave for being selected among the 2020-21 faculty excellence recipients!

Sarah Griffin ‘20 is helping to manufacture rapid COVID-19 antigen tests.

Female standing in lab

IC Current has the story for our recent graduate!  As stated, "she credits IC’s biology and chemistry departments with giving her both the hands-on practice and classroom knowledge to be successful in the workplace."

Jay Sellers, '05

man and child doing yoga and man in lab gear

The article in IC Current includes this "Dr. Dad" story with our graduate.  Jay is an infectious disease specialist.

Andy Smith's research was on BBC radio on August 14!

Image of a slug

The episode is available for download.

Andy Smith was interviewed by BBC radio about his research (and glues and slimes in general).  The episode is available for download.   The interview was part of an episode for their CrowdScience program called "What is the point of slime?". In the interview, Andy talks about the molecular structure of slime and how it gives rise to unusual properties. In particular, some slimes are remarkably sticky, and extraordinarily difficult to wash off. The discussion of slime's structure is followed by other interviews focusing on the diversity of slimes in the animal kingdom and their impact on humans before returning to Andy's work and the potential for designing novel adhesives for medical use.

The episode is 34 minutes, and his part is featured in the first eight minutes or so, and then periodically throughout the rest of the episode.