Off-Campus Research: It is Possible to Get 302 Credit at Another Institution

Students may complete the research requirement by conducting research off-campus, provided that the student has Biology Curriculum Committee approval and that the research experience is comparable to an on-campus research experience.

At least one month before the research is to begin, the student must:

  •  Submit an APPLICATION:  BIOL-302 Research Credit for Work Done Elsewhere for approval.
  •  Obtain a signed letter from the off-campus sponsor.

After research has been completed, the student must:

  • Have off-campus faculty Research Advisor submit a Student Research Evaluation Form directly to the faculty sponsor in the Biology Department.
  • Submit research report to on-campus faculty sponsor and give a research presentation. Research reports must include an introduction (and review of relevant literature), materials and methods, results, discussion, and reference cited.
  • Petition to the Biology Curriculum Committee to waive 302 (see below)
  • Make up three credits with another 3-4 credit biology course above the 200 level.

Petitions to the Biology Curriculum Committee:

Petitions to waive the 302 requirement must be received by the Curriculum Committee at the completion of the research project. A petition to the Curriculum Committee must include the following items:

1) a formal cover letter requesting a waiver of 302;

2) a copy of the research report;

3) a letter from the off-campus research supervisor describing your role in the research and an evaluation of your work;

4) a course waiver/substitution form (available from Registrar's Office or Biology Office) filled out.

The Curriculum Committee reserves the right to deny acceptance of a waiver petition if it feels that the student has not demonstrated completion of an appropriate research experience.


Ithaca College Biology students interested in summer research elsewhere should look at:

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