Architectural Studies at Ithaca College

The B.A. in Architectural Studies provides training for students interested in careers and master's-level study in the design professions. This program combines coursework in architectural history and theory, sustainability studies, math, and physics with studio experiences in both art and architectural design to lay the groundwork for professional training and practice in architectural design, landscape architecture, historic preservation, urban design, and city planning.


Why Architectural Studies?
Our program taps into burgeoning societal interest in the built environment and its relationships to both nature and culture. The opportunity to pursue architectural study in the context of the rich array of courses offered by the School of Humanities and Sciences will prepare students to be more conscientious and informed architects and architectural professionals, aware of the promise of good architecture and urban form to express cultural aspirations, improve daily lives, and enhance the sustainability of our ecosystem.


Program Structure: History/Theory & Urbanism Courses
Courses in architectural history and theory provide students with the basic tools and global perspectives for understanding building practices and architectural theory. These courses provide a context for creation in the present, and a repertoire of past responses to evolving cultural and environmental conditions. A capstone experience gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained in these courses to real issues in a variety of settings.


Program Structure: Studio Courses
Studio courses in art and architectural design train the hand and the eye, cultivating creativity and teaching representational techniques such as drawing and computer graphics. Coursework in the Art department provide a foundation in drawing skills, and educate our students in design visualization skills, an important preparation for advanced work in architectural design at the M.Arch. level. Within our department, a two-course sequence in architectural design studio, followed by a senior portfolio course, train our students to create and critically appraise their design projects in light of the perspectives they have gained through the program, and provide structured guidance in how to explain and present their work to others, which will help them in applying to graduate programs. Studio is taught by faculty who hold the professional degree in architecture alongside advanced academic degrees. Invited practitioners regularly review student projects.


Recent guest critics include:

Gabriella D’Angelo (Hobart & William Smith)

David Sisson (HOLT)

Sophie Hochhaeusl (Cornell)

Jeff Dunn (Cornell)


Program Structure: Cognate Courses
Because architecture is a social art, focused on providing receptacles for human activity, another area of our program exposes students to broad socio-political consideration of the impacts of human building activity. In addition, any program in architectural studies needs to explore the close relationship between human building activity and the sustainability of our ecosystem; to accomplish this, a component of our program focuses students on the building/nature relationship from a scientific perspective. Finally required coursework in Physics and Calculus trains students in the fundamental tools for understanding the physical behavior of structures and materials.


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Note: The B.A. in Architectural Studies is a degree that does not qualify students to practice architecture. Students who want to practice architecture and become licensed architects may pursue an NAAB accredited Master of Architecture program after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies or the student may submit experience to the New York State Education Department that is acceptable to the New York State Board for Architecture totaling 9 years after completion of the B.A. in Architectural Studies. Graduates of the B.A. in Architectural Studies would most likely need to pursue a 3-3.5 year Master of Architecture program in order to receive a Master of Architecture degree from an NAAB accredited program.


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