Seminar Series: Spring 2019

4:00 pm*
CNS 112

*unless otherwise noted

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The Biology department offers a seminar (BIOL 41100/41200) series each semester representing a broad range of topics in biology. These seminars are open to the entire community. Refreshments are offered prior to the seminar and students are invited to meet with the speaker in a small group following the talk to answer questions related to the topic presented, or to answer questions regarding different careers in Biology.

Seminar Organizer, Susan Witherup

January 24: Introductory meeting for students enrolled in the class

January 31: Summer Scholars Information Session

February 7: Kimberly McArthur, Southwestern University
“Migrating Neurons in Brain Development and Evolution”

February 14: David Putnam, Cornell University
"Treating Arthritis and Vaccinating Kids using Funcational Biomaterials"

February 21: Craig Brodersen, Yale University
"How to build a leaf: New insights into plant structure and function from the inside out with X-ray imaging"

February 28: Joshua Messinger (Biochemistry '14), Duke University
“Identifying Host Biomarkers of Epstein-Barr Virus Latency”

March 7: KathyAnn Lee (Biology '15), Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"Regulation of Bucky ball – and essential mediator of Balbiani Body formation and Ooctye Polarity”

March 28: Student Research Options for Fall 2019

  • BIOL-302 -- Mandatory
  • BIOC-390 with BIOL FACULTY are highly encouraged to attend

April 4: Christina Schmidt, Wells College
"Physiological Costs of Reproduction in Vertebrates"

April 11: Karan Odom, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
"Losing or Choosing? Reconstructing the evolution of female and male bird song"

April 18: Kinga Stryszowska-Hill, Wells College
"Species Distribution Model for the Threatened Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) in NY"

April 25: Biology Honors Symposium

April 29: Biochemistry Jr. Research Symposia

April 30 - May 2: Biology Jr. Research Symposia
(Tuesday - Thursday)

We hope you can join us!
We hope you can join us.

Everyone is welcome to attend!
Refreshments beforehand* (3:45-4:00pm)
CNS first floor lobby.