Marjorie Fortunoff Mayrock Lecture Series

Founded in 1979 by Elliot Mayrock (History, '73) and renamed in 1984 in honor of his mother, the Marjorie Fortunoff Mayrock Lecture Series brings outstanding scholars in history to Ithaca College, and provides our students, faculty and community the opportunity to consider a variety of historical issues through public lectures and class visits.


Upcoming Mayrock Lecture: Tuesday February 24, 2015, 6:00PM Room CNS 112

"Slavery and American Capitalism," Ed Baptist, Cornell University (pdf)


Previous Mayrock Lectures:

“Remembering Emiliano Zapata: A Brief Visual Tour of Mexico’s ‘Revolutionary’ Century,” Samuel Brunk, University of Texas at El Paso, Spring 2014. (pdf)

“Martha Jefferson Randolph: A Well-Behaved Woman Making History,” Cynthia A. Kierner, George Mason University, Spring 2013. (pdf)

“Managing Ethnic and Religious Difference in the Early English East India Company: The Mughul Siege of Bombay, 1689-90,” Margaret R. Hunt, Amherst College, Spring, 2012. (pdf)

“A Nation Without Class: The 1970s and the Origins of Our Own Time,” Jefferson Cowie, Cornell University, Spring 2011. (pdf)

“From Eyes on the Prize to The Orangeburg Massacre: Interpreting the Civil Rights Movement in Film,” Judy Richardson, Documentary Filmmaker, Spring 2010.

“The Pre-Colombian Origins of Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Illicit Cocaine, 1945–1973,” Paul Gootenberg, SUNY-Stony Brook, Fall 2009.

“Of Agency and the Sublime: Politics and Painting in 19th century Rajasthan,” Debra Diamond, Smithsonian Institution, Spring 2009.

Duke Ellington Plays Baghdad: Rethinking Power after 1945,” Penny M. von Eschen, University of Michigan, Spring 2009.

“History without Border: Thinking about the Atlantic World,” Douglas Egerton, LeMoyne College, Spring 2008.

Today’s Army: Is It Your Bag? Advertising, Recruiting, and the All-Volunteer Force in the Early 1970s,” Beth Bailey, Temple University, Fall 2007.

“Creating Conservatism: Right-Wing Grassroots Politics during the Cold War,Jeff Roche, College of Wooster, Spring 2007.

“The Unknown Gulag: Stalin's Special Settlements,” Lynne Viola, University of Toronto, Spring 2007.

“Peace, War and Memory,” Deborah Buffton, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, Spring 2006.

“A Future-Facing Past: Japan’s Apologetic Technique,” Alexis Dudden, University of Connecticut, Spring 2005.

“God, the Constitution, and the Pledge of Allegiance,” Isaac Kramnick, Cornell University, Spring 2005.

"A Future-Facing Past: Japan's Apologetic Technique," Alex Dudden, Connecticut College, Spring 2004.

“Digital History and the American Civil War,” Edward Ayers, University of Virginia, Spring 2003.

“War, Death and Art,” Peter Harrington, Brown University, Spring 2002.

“Race and Rust: Detroit and the Fate of the American City,” Thomas Sugrue, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 1999.

“Theodore Roosevelt's Ghost and America in the 1990s,” Walter LeFeber, Cornell University, Spring 1998. 



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