The Dillingham Center

Ah, Dillingham.

Where every nook and cranny is used to rehearse, study, sleep, eat, and create. Where talent is nurtured, confidence gained, and impossible dreams become possible.

Dillingham Center was originally built in 1969 for a theatre program of 70 students; today, it houses a theatre program of approximately 360 students across 5 degree programs and 2 minors.

In 2009, after 40 years of constant use, Dillingham got a $10 million, 18-month renovation to keep the building and its facilities state-of-the art.

Here’s a look at what Dillingham has to offer:

On the Ground Floor

  • Dressing rooms with a microphone-dressing area
  • Lockers for every student to use
  • A newly renovated costume shop with an attached dye room, a fitting area, 3 worktables, and 2 sewing stations with 16 sewing machines.
  • Costume storage with approx. 580 linear feet of hanging storage
  • A Lighting Shop and the Bracewell Recording Studio, where students can work on classroom or design projects.
  • 2 dance studios and 2 acting studios with one approx. the size of the Hoerner stage
  • A black box studio theatre for experimental productions
  • A management room
  • Two smart classrooms, equipped with whiteboards, projector and classroom computer.

In the Theaters

  • Comprehensive ETC Eos family control systems in both theatres.
  • A 58-line fly system in the Hoerner Theatre
  • Discreet audio systems in both theaters
  • Discreet communications systems for both theatres in wired and wireless forms

In the Lobby

  • Famous red carpet
  • A student run box office
  • Flexible concessions area
  • Coatroom
  • Spacious restrooms for patrons
  • "Ithaca on Broadway" display that runs the entire length of the lobby (pictured at right)
  • Two elevators with access to most of the building

On the First Floor

  • A scene shop with a large variety of power tools and a newly added CNC router
  • Welding and metal storage shop
  • Paint shop
  • Prop shop
  • A CAD lab furnished with iMacs, PCs and a plotter.

On the Second Floor

  • Main office and administrative suite, with a waiting area for prospective students and their parents
  • 2 expanded design classrooms with flat files and shelving for classroom projects.
  • A multidisciplinary conference room.
  • A design studio for students who are designing current and future productions along with a light lab and a GrandMA suite.

The professors are always available to students and have their offices throughout Dillingham.

If you would like to study the floor plans before visiting Dillingham, they can be found here.

Ithaca on Broadway

The "Ithaca on Broadway" posters in the lobby are now more elegantly displayed, and there's room for many more additions!