Jr. Faculty Focus: Jeffrey Tangeman

Jeffrey Tangeman, assistant professor in the Department of Theatre Arts, began teaching at the College two years ago. Before joining IC, he was the head of the undergraduate directing program at Florida International University.

What have you most enjoyed about working at IC?
Ithaca College is the first place I have taught where the school, the department, the quality of the students, and my colleagues all perform at such an amazing caliber. It’s so gratifying to teach students who have exposure to a liberal arts education because they appreciate many other disciplines. The academic focus of Ithaca College is exactly in line with my values as a teacher and a person.

What type of work do you do as a director outside the classroom?
Every year I direct a show on campus. Last fall I directed Hedda Gabler, and this fall I will be directing Metamorphoses. Over the summer I directed an off-Broadway show, After the Glory, in New York City. Also, the Syracuse Opera intern program has invited me to train students and direct a fringe opera in the fall.

What is your favorite type of theater to direct?
If you told me I could only direct one type of show for the rest of my life, it would without a doubt be farce. Comedy done right is incredibly challenging—it’s delicate and fragile and it requires precise timing. But it’s so rewarding. I need to be able to laugh. Working with comedic pieces keeps me energized and excited.