Student Grants

The Jewish Studies Steering Committee invites grant applications from students who are engaged in projects, courses or other activities related to the study of Jewish history, culture or religion and connected directly or indirectly with an academic program at Ithaca College.

Examples of eligible activities include: Projects with Jewish studies content related to any IC course; off-campus classes, workshops, conferences or internships intended to enhance the student’s academic knowledge or skills related to Jewish history, culture or religion; expenses for travel, lodging, materials and supplies, etc., connected with such an activity or project. Applications will be accepted and considered as they are received.

Application procedure. Please submit:

1) An application form, including a brief description of the project or program, a detailed budget, and a statement of financial need. Forms are available from Rebecca Lesses, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Muller 413.

2) An attached statement of no more than 500 words describing the proposed program and how it will relate to your study and your life at IC.

3) A letter of recommendation from any member of the IC teaching faculty, commenting on the worthiness of the proposed program and the promise and reliability of the candidate. This letter should be sent directly to Professor Lesses.

After the application has been read and considered, a letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the student within two to four weeks. If the proposal is accepted, the letter will include the terms of the grant, including a required written report and/or public presentation once the activity is completed, and receipts proving expenses incurred.

For further information, contact Rebecca Lesses, Assistant Professor of Jewish Studies, Muller 413, 274-3556 or

The application form and the faculty recommendation form can be downloaded from the Jewish Studies website.