Floating Roller Coasters? IC Physics Professor Matt Sullivan Shows How on The Travel Channel

The world of roller coasters is abuzz with the idea of a levitating amusement park ride, and an Ithaca College physics professor is helping lead the way. A Travel Channel piece on Sunday night featured IC’s Matt Sullivan demonstrating how superconductors could literally help take roller coasters to the next level.

“The phenomenon of superconductivity is so unusual and counter-intuitive that it never ceases to amaze me,” Sullivan said.

His photos and movies of superconducting MagLev trains even took him to Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report (starts at 2:95), where he levitated Stephen Colbert’s signature Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

(Update, June 12, 2013: Sullivan was interviewed by local news/talk station WHCU 95.9 FM, 870 AM). Listen to the podcast.)

The Travel Channel clip is below:

Matthew C. Sullivan, associate professor of physics.