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Job Highlights:

-Offers paid one-on-one time with emergency physicians. 
-Paid training providing a crash course in emergency medicine.
-Wages are $8.75/hr initially, raised to $10 per hour after 3 months of work. 
-Flexible shift scheduling
-You get full exposure to the real emergency room.
-It is an excellent resume builder for medical school.

How to Apply: Visit for the application; email it to


The Emergency Physician group at Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, NY is creating a brand-new team of Emergency Scribes for their Emergency Department.  They have contracted with our company ScribeAmerica to hire and train their Emergency Physician Scribes. Accordingly we are recruiting outstanding students interested in careers in medicine to begin staffing their program.  Our company is one of the largest scribe companies in the United States and we staff over 40 emergency department contracts with over 400 scribes.  We are looking to recruit students to become part of our team.   

The job opportunity is called an “Emergency Physician Scribe;” we act as personal assistants to the physician and perform all of their non-patient-care tasks.  These include documentation, patient tracking, organization, and much more.   We are looking for extremely motivated, sharp, and adaptable students who perform well in a fast-paced and high-energy environment.  Because you will work one-on-one with a board certified emergency physician for the entirety of their shift you become intimately familiar with emergency medicine.  It is extremely exciting work; you see everything from CPR, to heart attacks, to strokes, to rapid sequence intubation, to chest tube placement and much more.  Additionally you gain first-hand experience documenting exactly like a physician; a skill that is invaluable later for any career in health.  

There is both theoretical classroom training and applied training live in the emergency department.   Because of the rigors of training, all hours spent training are paid.  Both time in the classroom and time in the Emergency Room are compensated.  After training, shifts last 8-12 hours each, and we ask for a minimum of two shifts per week.  Additionally, since I personally commit over 100 hours of training for each employee, there is verbal commitment of two years of work.  The training starts at $8.75 per hour, and raises to $10.00 per hour after you have proved your ability to work in the emergency department.  Additionally we are looking to hire a chief scribe to run the program at this hospital so career opportunities are available for noteworthy candidates.  

There are few other opportunities that allow for such direct exposure to the emergency room: and this opportunity is paid.   This job is one of a kind; those who have excelled as scribes have consistently progressed to have successful careers in medicine.  If you especially impress a physician they will be happy to provide a strong letter of recommendation for medical school.  Additionally the medical terminology acquired during your time as a scribe will put you leagues above your other classmates later in school. 

To find out more information visit or contact Kristi Hockenberry at

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First thing to share with you is that the t-shirts are in and they look AWESOME! The executive board will be handing them out at the next few meetings so please come and collect your shirt if you purchased one.

Here are some dates with you about the upcoming meetings/presentations:


4/14/15: Ahono Gildersleeve (our VP!) will be speaking 12:15 in CNS 115 about her experience with pre medicine at IC, her volunteering, shadowing, research and future career goals. ** We will also be giving a brief overview of the executive board positions to prep for the upcoming club elections. This will take place after Ahono's presentation.

4/16/15: Kaplan representative (MCAT coordinator) will be presenting at 12:15 in CNS 115 about MCAT prep and the medical school timeline.

4/22/15:  Shannon Ruppel (VCOM representative) will be tabling  from 11-3:00 on the first floor of CNS about osteopathic medicine. Please stop by any time she is there to get some information!

4/28/15 : Donna Vavonese (SUNY Upstate Medical University representative) will be presenting at 12:15 in CNS 115 about opportunities in allopathic medicine, particularly focusing on SUNY Upstate.

4/30/15: Pre Medicine Executive Board Elections will occur  at 12:15 in CNS 115. The listed positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Each person who wishes to run for one of these positions will be required to make a speech to the club members at this meeting. You must express your interest in the position and why you believe you are the best fit. We will be sending out more information about the positions in the near future. If you attend the meeting on the 14th, we will be briefly talking about the open positions after our VP, Ahono, gives her presentation. (**If you are interested in running for an executive board position, please reply to this email with your name and position interest.)


I just wanted to let all of you know about an upcoming program that will be available to students over the summer and next year. The ER at CMC (Cayuga Med) is getting a new volunteer program started. The program will take place in the Emergency Room and is intended to teach pre-health students about patient advocacy and comfort.


Samantha Thompson

Pre Medicine President



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Although prevet has its own club,those members are always welcome to attend any premed event/meeting.   

First meeting: Wed (2/4), CNS 115 @ 12:15.

  • Very informative about events coming up this semester.
  • We will also give you an outline of the spring semester for
    students looking to attend medical school in the coming year. 


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