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Emergency Medical Associates has an outstanding opportunity for pre-med, physician assistant and nursing students, EMTs or any other candidates interested in a career in healthcare.

Required Education & Work/Volunteer Experience:
 Bachelor’s degree preferred
 Biology coursework at the undergraduate level or above required; Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology coursework preferred
 Relevant work experience (1 or more years) in the healthcare field may be considered in lieu of the education and coursework requirement

At least 100 hours of work, volunteer or shadowing experience in the healthcare field required; Experience in a direct patient care environment preferred, i.e. Emergency Medical Technician, physician shadowing, clinical technician in a hospital, or a medical assistant in a doctor’s office, etc.

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If you are interested in taking one of the classes, registration is now open for the Spring semester.

The Dog is an online course (3 credits) specifically designed for undergraduate students interested in learning more about dogs, especially those planning careers in Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Technical Programs. Students will be introduced to a number of topics, including evolution, domestication, anatomy, biology, role in society, physiology, behavior, and health of the dog. Students enrolled at any College or University can take this course. For more information about this class or enrollment contact the Course Director,   Dr. Patrick Larkin ( 

The Horse is an online undergraduate course (3 credits) also designed for students planning careers in large animal Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Technical Programs. This course covers many important topics in the domesticated horse field including reproduction, anatomy, the musculoskeletal system, GI physiology, preventative health care, as well as current research. Students enrolled at any College or University can take this course. For more information about this class or enrollment contact the Course Director, Dr. Patrick Larkin ( 

Aquatic Wildlife Health Issues is an online course (3 credits) designed to introduce students (upper level undergraduate and graduate) and professionals (with an AA or higher degree) to the natural history, anatomy, physiology, behavior and common health issues of aquatic species: whales and dolphins, seals and sea lions, manatees, sea turtles, crocodilians, fish and invertebrates. For more information about the class or enrollment, contact Dr. Iskande Larkin (

College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Florida
PO Box 100136
2015 SW 16th Ave
Gainesville, Florida 32610

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PRACTICE TEST TIME! Please pick ALL the dates you are available for a test date (exams available are GRE, MCAT, DAT) with this survey:

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Helpful resources for topics below:

 Provided by fellow students.

  • Have you registered with the IC Pre-Health Committee?  If not, do so here.
  • General meeting times, Thursdays, bi-weekly, noon-1. Stay informed by checking this site's blog.
  • Know your Student Officers and contact them with questions:
  • Shadowing Questions
  • MCAT: What is it, what is on it, when should i take it?
  • Resources: books, websites, podcast, etc.
  • Scholarship Opportunities (specifically researched by
    • The Best Scholarship Search Platforms: Be informed, what you should know, how search platforms work, a guide to applying for scholarships

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You are welcome to join Ian Woods and your fellow classmates on

Fridays 12:30-1:30 pm in the 1st floor lobby of CNS.

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