2.9 Emergency Closing

2.9 Emergency Closing

An emergency closing is defined as any closing (delayed opening, partial closing, full closing) that is declared by the president or a designee because of inclement weather, fire, flood, power failure, or any other cause beyond the control of the administration.

Weather conditions, no matter how extreme, normally will not close the College when classes are in session. The College has established an Emergency Closing Hotline, (607) 274-1495, which may be called to find out essential information. The College will also make announcements via the Emergency Notification System (ENS) and the local media regarding any change in normal operations. Classes or specific activities may be delayed or canceled without an official closing. Employees will be expected to work their normal hours unless the College is officially closed. However, there are times when the College is not officially closed, but when conditions make it appropriate for a supervisor to be flexible in allowing employees to depart from their normal schedules. Employees who miss time because of late arrival, early departure, or absence due to inclement weather or other special condition may choose to make up the time, use personal or vacation time, or have a reduced paycheck if there are no accruals to use.

If inclement weather or other emergency conditions occur between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., the Office of Human Resources will communicate any official College statement to departments regarding closing or other essential information. (See section 2.9.3.) A supervisor may not unilaterally decide to close a department. Sometimes law enforcement agencies request the College not release its employees until weather conditions improve or until highway workers have had an opportunity to clear roads. Supervisors are responsible for informing their employees of any official decision to close the College. During a closing, certain employees ("essential" employees) need to remain on the job. Supervisors must obtain approval from the appropriate vice president before informing employees whether they are considered "essential" personnel.

2.9.1 Definitions of Official Emergency Closing

Delayed, Partial Opening: All College operations except the health center, dining services, facilities, and public safety will be delayed until a time specified in the announcement. "Essential" employees are expected to report to work at their normally scheduled time.

Partial Closing: Classes, exams, and essential services within the health center, dining services, facilities, and public safety will continue. The library will be open with limited staff coverage and all other College operations will be closed for the remainder of the day. All other College departments will discontinue normal operations for the balance of the work shift. The time of resumption of normal operations will be announced.

College is Closed: Classes, examinations and all other services are canceled, except essential services within the health center, dining services, facilities, and public safety. A reopening date and time will be announced as soon as it can be established.

2.9.2 How the Decision to Close or Remain Open is Made

The president or a designee, in conjunction with the appropriate staff, makes the decision to close any or all College operations during any emergency situation or inclement weather conditions. They will consider the impact on students and employees in making their decision.

The same administrators will be consulted in deciding when to reopen the College.

2.9.3 How Information About Emergency Closing is Disseminated

In the event College operations are closed due to an emergency situation, the president or designee will contact the following vice presidents who will in turn contact the key departments in their areas as noted in the Notification Flowchart.  

The Office of Human Resources will communicate the official closing statement to supervisors or their designees. (An emergency closing communication list is kept in the Offices of Human Resources.) The head of each department, or designee if absent, is responsible for making appropriate arrangements to see that all employees in the department are notified. Closing Announcements

In the event of an emergency closing, the president or the president's designee will instruct the Office of Media Relations to make arrangements to announce the closing via the Emergency Closing Hotline, the ENS, and over local radio and television stations. (See section 2.9.1 for types of closings that might be announced.) Whenever possible, the announcement will be made prior to 6:00 a.m. for the first and second shift and by 9:00 p.m. for third shift if the College will close due to inclement weather conditions.

The radio and television stations listed below will be requested to make closing announcements. However, the Emergency Closing Hotline and ENS will be the official sources of closing information. If there is no announcement via these sources, the College will be open and operating as usual. Please do not call the stations for emergency closing information, especially during inclement weather conditions. TV Stations

WSTM CH3 Syracuse

WBNG CH12 Binghamton

WTVH CH5 Syracuse

WENY CH36 Elmira

WSYR CH9 Syracuse

 WETM CH18 Elmira

YNN CH10 Syracuse Radio Stations

WICB FM 91.7 Ithaca

WGVA AM 1240 Geneva

WHCU AM 870 Ithaca

WFLR FM 95.9 Dundee

WYXL FM 97.3 Ithaca

WFLR AM 1570 Dundee

WNYY AM 1470 Ithaca

WEBO AM 1330 Owego

WQNY FM 103.7 Ithaca

WNBF AM 1290 Binghamton

WVBR FM 93.5 Ithaca

WAAL FM 99.1 Binghamton

WIII FM 99.9 Cortland

WSKG FM 90.9 Binghamton

WENY AM 1230 Elmira

WNYR 98.5 Waterloo

WAVB 1590 Auburn

WCGR 1550 Canandaigua

WLLW 96.3 Seneca Falls