Financial Aid and Payment Deadlines

Billing Deadlines

Semester Billing Due Date
Fall/Summer August 10th, 2023
Spring/Winter January 10th, 2024

These dates also apply to setting up Nelnet payment plans. Outstanding balances after these dates will be subject to a late fee of $200 each month that they remain overdue. We recommend that families complete any time-sensitive steps* at least two weeks before the billing due date to allow for processing time. 

*i.e., sending out checks by mail, requesting 529 payments, applying for loans, applying for TAP, completing the health insurance waiver

Last day to:

Waive health insurance – September 15th

Change meal plan – 2 weeks after 1st day of classes

If students would like to change their meal plan after this point, they can contact SFS to have it done manually. 

Application/Priority Deadlines

Application Type Date
FAFSA March 1st (Application opened 10/1/2022)
TAP (NYS Residents Only) March 1st (Application opened 10/1/2022)
Summer Financial Aid Application April 1st (Complete FAFSA for coming academic year)

Application Type Early Decision  Early Action / Regular Decision  Spring Freshmen / Transfers
FAFSA November 1st January 15th November 1st
TAP (NYS Residents Only) March 1st March 1st -
Enrollment Advance Deposit February 1st May 1st -
CSS Profile (No longer required) - - -
Financial Aid Award Notification mid-December Beginning/mid-March Beginning/mid-November