Accept your Financial Aid Package

Once the student has received notification pertaining to the completion of their financial aid package, there are a few steps they must take to ensure their financial aid is in place for the year.

Before students accept their financial aid package, they must review and accept or decline the terms and conditions for E-Communications. The purpose of this requirement is to obtain the student's permission to send electronic notifications to their campus email relevant to financial aid awards, billing information, and items needing immediate attention.

Students may follow the steps below to review their financial aid package:

1. Log into HomerConnect.

2. Select "Financial Aid" from the menu on the left side of the page

3. Select Aid Year "2022-2023 Aid Year" in the top right corner 

4. Click "Award Offer" and review/accept as necessary

5. Select "Submit"

    5.1 Read the "Notice of E-Communication from the Office of Student Financial Services" message.

    5.2 Click the "Terms and Conditions Tab at the top of the page, and read the statement on the page.

    5.3 Select "Accept" or "Do Not Accept"

          If "Do Not Accept" is selected, the student must send the Office of Student Financial Services a written request stating that you do not wish to receive your information electronically. The statement must be mailed or delivered to our office. We cannot accept an email or faxed form. Hard copy communications regarding their financial aid and billing will be sent to the student. The student will not be able to move forward with accepting their financial aid package until the student has contacted our office.

6. Select "Award Offer" tab.

You may notice that Grants, Scholarships, and Federal Work Study are automatically accepted on your behalf. The awards that require a formal decision are the Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans. Students wishing to utilize their subsidized and unsubsidized loans under the Federal Direct Loan Program, formerly Stafford Loans, must complete the additional steps listed within "Application Procedures."  If you wish to accept the full amount of your federal loans, you may click on "Accept Full Amount All Awards" at the bottom of the "Award Decision" menu and complete the loan application process.

If you wish to reduce or decline your federal direct loans, you may click "Select Decision." You may choose to decline your loans and disregard the loan application process. The loan application process will need to be completed in the future if federal loans are taken in future years.

If you choose to accept a partial amount of your loans, please note that the amount you enter will be divided between the fall and spring semesters.