Adding an Authorized Payer to QuikPay

Adding an Authorized Payer allows an individual to receive an email notification of each semester's billing statement, make online e-check payments, and review the student's account activities. As an Authorized Payer, you will log into QuikPay through the Authorized Payer portal here.

The student uses their HomerConnect account to set up an Authorized Payer. More than one Authorized Payer can be tied to an account.

Enrolling an Authorized Payer

1. Log into Homer Connect

2. Select Billing and Payment

3. Click on "Financial Aid and Student Account Information"

4. Click "Pay Online, View Account & Create/Review Direct Deposit"

5. Select “Authorize Payers” to view those already designated as authorized on your account (if any) or add new Authorized Payers.

6. Select “Add New” to add a new Authorized Payer

Adding a New Authorized Payer

  • From the "Add Authorized Payer” screen, you input the information required for the new Authorized Payer.
  • Create a username for the person you're adding.
  • The newly designated person will then receive an email from sfs@ithaca.edu informing them that the student has made them an Authorized Payer. The message will include the username you've created as well as a link to the system to set up a password.
  • Recipients have 7 days to set their password before the link expires. If the link expires, the student must delete the Authorized Payer profile originally established, and start the process over again.
  • Authorized Payers will access the QuikPay system at this link: quikpayasp.com/Ithaca/studentacct/authorized.do
    (NOTE: not compatible with Internet Explorer browser)

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an authorized payer in QuikPay, but I forgot my QuikPay password. Now what?

Select "Reset Password" and enter the email on file for you, the Authorized Payer. The Authorized Payer will receive an email with a password reset link.

If the first option does not work, contact your student. The student can reset your status as an authorized payer in QuikPay and restore your access. The student will need to delete and re-add the Authorized Payer's information. An email will be sent to the Authorized Payer to create a password.