If you're selected for this process, we will need to review IRS tax documents. You can provide information to us in one of three ways: 

  • complete the IRS data retrieval process (instructions below)
  • submit an IRS tax return transcript
  • submit a signed copy of your tax forms filed with the IRS

Our office may request additional documents to verify household information reported on the FAFSA application. Please refer to the verification documents below if we have asked you for additional information.  Due to the sensitive nature of personally identifiable information (PII) that could be required to complete the forms, please use the Secure Online Document Submission option to safely submit your documents; do not send sensitive confidential information via email.

Your financial aid offer may be subject to change after all verification of application data is complete and eligibility for award programs has been confirmed. Please be sure to promptly provide us with any materials requested.

Important Documents

file-outline 4506-T Form - 4506-T Form.pdf (220.6 KB)
file-outline Additional Income Form - additional-income-form.pdf (100.59 KB)
file-outline Asset Worksheet - Asset Worksheet.pdf (166.29 KB)
file-outline Clarification of Marital Status - clarification-of-marital-status_0.pdf (123.33 KB)
file-outline Instructions for Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool - Instructions for Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.pdf (191.71 KB)
file-outline Outside Resource Form - outside-resource-form_0.pdf (138.62 KB)
file-outline Rollover Verification Form - 2122-rollover-verification-worksheet_0.pdf (145.14 KB)
file-outline Statement of Educational Purpose - statement-of-educational-purpose.pdf (118.84 KB)
file-outline TItle IV Form - title-iv-form.pdf (139.32 KB)
file-outline Verification Worksheet - Dependent Student - verification-worksheet-dependent_0.pdf (173.87 KB)
file-outline Verification Worksheet - Independent Student - verification-worksheet-independent-students.pdf (168.24 KB)