Current Position: PhD Candidate, UC Berkeley

Emily Powers (She/her/hers)
Class of 2015
Major: Biochemistry, B.S.


What did you do during your time at IC?

When I was at IC I spent a lot of my time in and around the science building hanging out with friends and doing research.  I found that the students doing research all became a very close community and became some of my best friends at the school.  I also became very close with the faculty I did research with and formed relationships that helped me progress through my career always improving.  I also spent a lot of time outdoors down in the gorges or hiking around the natural lands near IC. 

What have you been doing since you graduated IC?

I have been working towards my PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley since graduating from IC.  I hope to graduate soon and continue to pursue a career path in science. 

How do you feel IC prepared you for your career?

IC prepared me for my career by connecting me with professors who were truly dedicated to teaching and mentoring me throughout my time there.  The professors in the science department all seemed personally invested in teaching and mentoring and were always accessible for help and guidance.  The Biology department also had a particularly good structure for mentoring students to go into science careers as research was mandatory and it was also mandatory to give talks and learn how to communicate science which many students from larger universities don't get training in.

What is one thing you love about IC Biology?

It is hard to limit myself to one thing that I love about the IC Biology department as there were so many qualities that made it an exceptional place to get my degree.  If I have to pick one thing I would say the community within the IC Biology department is the thing I loved the most.  The department is small and close knit which allows students to form deep and meaningful relationships with their mentors and makes all the hard work that goes into student research feel fun.