Current Position: Research Technician at Benaroya Research Institute

Winona Platt, she/her/hers
Class of 2020
Major: Biology B.S.
Minor: Mathematics


What did you do during your time at IC?

Miner Lab,  IC Genes, IC Biology Club, RA

What have you been doing since you graduated IC?

Research Technician at Benaroya Research Institute in the lab of John Ray, Ph.D

How do you feel IC prepared you for your career?

I gained so much experience in and out of the lab that prepared me for my current role. I use the techniques I learned in genetics and developmental biology (as well as other courses) every single day. I am able to ask important questions, and help design experiments because Ithaca College taught me to think critically about biology, and come at problems/scientific questions from many angles (i.e evolutionarily, ecologically, physiologically, etc.).