Seminar Series: Fall 2019

The Biology department offers a seminar (BIOL 41100/41200) series each semester representing a broad range of topics in  biology.  These seminars are open to the entire community.  Refreshments are offered prior to the seminar and students are invited to meet with the speaker in a small group following the talk to answer questions related to the topic presented, or to answer questions regarding different careers in Biology.

Seminar Organizer, Susan Witherup

August 29                   Brief introductory meeting for students in Biology Seminar

 September 5              Mini Symposium: Student Summer Activities  
Hosted by Tri-Beta; reception to follow

 September 12            Michelle Attner, Columbia University      
lin-12/Notch-mediated lateral specification:
                                             new insights into the AC/VU decision in C. elegans gonadogenesis”

September 19            Shannon Straub, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
          “Skimming the cream of the milkweed genome for phylogenomics”

 September 26            Sara Kaiser, Cornell Lab of Ornithology                            
                                              "Living in a changing world: How the environment shapes
                                               reproductive strategies in temperate and tropical birds"

October 3                  Ian Woods’ Sabbatical
                                          "Genetic control of complex traits in humans: leveraging the
                                            half-million samples in the UK Biobank"

October 10                Lara Appleby, Tufts University
                                        "Scientists collaborating across disciplines to examine artifacts
                                          of student thinking

October 24                MANDATORY Student Research Options for Spring 2020 (informal)
All students interested in enrolling in BIOL-302 must attend.

November 7              Shin-Yi Lin, Postdoctoral Fellow at Rowan University-SOM 
                                        “Genes, development, and the evolution of nematode sex determination”

 November 14            Robert Griffin-Nolan (Biology ‘13), Postdoctoral Fellow, Syracuse University    
                                        "Exploring mechanisms of ecosystem sensitivity to extreme drought"

December 5               Leo J. Fleishman, Union College
                                         "Color vision and the evolution of signal color diversity in 
                                          Caribbean Anolis lizards"

MON., Dec.9             Biochemistry Research Symposium 
(CNS 333)   

 December 11 & 12    Biology Jr. Research Symposium        
(11th = CNS 333; 12th = CNS 112)

We hope you can join us.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

4:00 pm*
CNS 112

Refreshments beforehand (3:45-4:00pm) in the CNS first floor lobby.

*unless otherwise noted