Laboratory results

In general, negative results are communicated through secure message. Positive results are communicated through phone conversation or in person.
Lab Results Nurse (607) 274-3737.

Frequently asked questions about Lab Testing

Will my insurance cover these tests?

If tests are being performed in the Hammond Health Center laboratory there will be no charge for these tests, unless they are ordered by an outside or home physician. If we are sending your lab tests to an outside lab, there will be charges which may be covered by insurance. You should check with your individual insurance company regarding coverage-usually the phone number is on the back of your card.

Your parents may have already checked on this before you came to college, you may also want to consult with them.

Ithaca College student group insurance covers 80% of in network charges and 60% of out of network charges for laboratory testing, once you have met your deductible of $150.

Can you bill my parent's health insurance?

Hammond Health Center does not bill to insurance directly.  If tests are being performed in the health center laboratory there will be no charge for these tests, unless ordered by an outside or home physician. 

If we are sending your lab tests to an outside lab, the outside laboratory will bill your health insurance, as long as we can provide them with all of your current insurance information. This is why it is important that you bring your insurance card with you for every visit the Hammond Health Center.

Will somebody contact me with my lab results?

We will provide you with the phone number to reach the lab result nurse. They will give you the test information as well as additional information or instructions from the provider after they review your results. Individual providers may make alternative arrangements on a case by case basis to contact you directly with results.

How can I get my laboratory results sent to my (home) doctor?

Fill out and sign the  release of information form to give permission to share your laboratory results with your provider. 

If my doctor at home sends in orders, can I have my blood drawn at the Hammond Health Center?

Yes, in most cases we will draw your blood and then send it out to our reference laboratory (LabCorp) for analysis.
Ithaca College staff and faculty members may have blood draw at the Hammond Health Center. Staff and faculty may submit lab orders for collection. Minimum 24 hours for order processing before lab draws.