Vehicle Rentals

Domestic and International Vehicle Rentals

Domestic Vehicle Rentals

If renting a vehicle in the United States, including Puerto Rico, there is no need to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver that is offered by the rental agency. However, if an accident occurs that involves injuries or damage to the rental vehicle, another vehicle, or other property damage (to a structure, building, guardrail, etc.), it must be reported immediately to the local police agency, rental agency, and to the Offices of Public Safety and Risk Management at Ithaca College, no matter how minor the injury or damage is.

International Vehicle Rentals

Employees who rent a vehicle outside of the United States, except for Canada, must purchase the Collision Damage Waiver offered by the rental agency.  An employee must be an approved College driver prior to arranging for and operating a vehicle in another country and the approved College driver must meet all applicable laws in the country where the operation of a vehicle will occur.  Please review "Rental Vehicles Allowed" for the types of vehicles that are approved to be rented under the College name. Students are not allowed to operate vehicles outside of the United States, including Canada and Mexico.  Every accident with or without injuries, including any property damage, needs to be reported immediately to the local police, the rental agency, and to the Offices of Public Safety and Risk Management at Ithaca College.

Rental Vehicles Allowed

If renting a vehicle from an outside rental agency (e.g., Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, an international agency, etc.), only minivans and compact, mid-size, and full-size cars can be rented under Ithaca College policies. For more information related to renting a vehicle at a local Enterprise agency, visit Travel Services.

If a department needs to rent a large vehicle for special purposes for domestic travel (e.g., a U-Haul van/truck), contact Risk Management prior to making any rental arrangements. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will also need to be reviewed by the respective department’s supervisor and possibly by others. Not all requests may be able to be accommodated. Only College employees who are approved College drivers and have sufficient experience driving large vehicles will be approved to operate such vehicles, as determined by Risk Management and the respective department’s supervisor.

Students are only permitted to drive smaller vehicles and in the United States only (e.g., sedan, minivan, etc.). It is common for a rental company to issue a rental agreement and request evidence of auto insurance from the College. A rental agreement is considered a contract; therefore, it would be governed by the College's contract policy; only certain individuals at the College have signatory authority, which is stated in the contract policy.