College-Owned Property

  • Make a list of all equipment and document each item's replacement value and all serial numbers.
  • Note all locations that the College's property will be transported.
  • Never leave the vehicle unattended with equipment inside.
  • Lock the vehicle at all times.
  • Do not leave the equipment in the vehicle overnight.
  • Do not leave items in full view, which can be a target for thieves.
  • Use appropriately-constructed packaging materials, if needed.
  • Provide a comprehensive inventory list to your department prior to departure and carry the list with you during travel.
  • Contact the police immediately to report a theft or loss.
  • Contact Risk Management immediately if a theft or damage occurs and make a report with Public Safety.

Personal Property

The College is not responsible and does not insure personal property. It is recommended that you consult with your insurance agent, prior to travel, to determine if your homeowners’ policy would cover your personal belongings during travel. If it does not, or you do not carry a homeowners’ policy, there is insurance coverage available on an annual basis that is offered to College employees and students, both domestically and internationally.


If you are an approved College driver, you may rent a College fleet vehicle by first completing the Travel Authorization Form at:

Policy pertaining to approved drivers and passengers is available at:

Policy pertaining to approved Ithaca College drivers and use of an Ithaca College travel card for rental vehicles is located at:

Please keep in mind that only Ithaca College faculty, staff and students who have been approved to drive College vehicles are authorized to operate College‐owned or rented vehicles. Furthermore, an employee who is not an approved College driver must pay for rental car expenses by using their personal credit card, as opposed to the College’s travel card, resulting in their personal automobile insurance being the primary insurance coverage. If a non‐approved College driver pays for a rental car using a College travel card this will be considered misuse of the travel card and subject to loss of card privileges. Students are not allowed to submit a rental request for a College-owned vehicle or for an off-campus rental, as this process must be completed by an Ithaca College employee who is organizing the transportation.

Please visit:

An employee may drive their personal vehicle and receive mileage reimbursement; however, reimbursement is only for a specific number of miles. The maximum mileage reimbursement is included in the Ithaca College Travel Policy at:

An employee may also rent a vehicle from Enterprise, but their personal credit card MUST be used, as it is against College policy to use a College travel credit card for a vehicle rental when not an approved College driver. It is also important to keep in mind that an employee will receive reimbursement from their respective department for the vehicle rental fee only, as the employee will be personally responsible for any taxes associated with the rental. The decision will also need to be made on whether or not to purchase the collision damage waiver offered by Enterprise, which would cover damage to the rental vehicle. It is recommended to consult with your personal auto insurance agent to determine that your auto policy would cover general liability and property damage while operating a rental vehicle.

Please visit for the type and size vehicles allowed to rent under the College’s insurance policies.