The Office of Risk Management & Insurance is responsible for the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), property and casualty insurance program, student health insurance, and international medical & security insurance.  Risk Management negotiates and ensures that the College’s insurance portfolio is sufficient; oversees insurance claims; develops and assists with various risk and loss control programs; works closely with campus organizations and departments involving student and academic programs; assists the campus community with travel-related matters; reviews contracts; insures fine arts; manages the motor vehicle record driver program for employees and students and oversees the student driver safety classes; certificates of insurance; and use of facilities.

We continuously focus on Ithaca College's strategic goals, mission, opportunities, and innovation.  We strive to minimize the risk of financial, physical, and reputational loss through the proper identification and analysis of risk, implementation of techniques such as loss prevention, risk transfer, claim management, and insurance.  We also serve to educate the campus community about the role and benefits of risk management in today’s academic and business environment.

Services Offered

The Office of Risk Management works with campus departments to address the following matters:


Incident Reporting Procedures  

Certificates of Insurance

Departments requiring certificates of insurance can download the Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

Certificates of Insurance for Student Film Shoots

Complete the Media Production Request forms for on-campus and off-campus shoots.

Contract Review

Risk Management assists with reviewing and revising contracts to verify that indemnification, insurance requirements, and terms and conditions are acceptable to the College.  

General Consulting

We assist faculty, staff, and student leaders with assessing risks and liability exposures associated with College activities.  This allows us to make specific recommendations that can mitigate and minimize liability exposures while maintaining the integrity of College programs and functions.  We are best able to assist you if you provide us with written details of the proposed activity as far in advance as possible.  Please remember that we are working with multiple departments simultaneously and that the volume of requests we receive may make it difficult for us to respond in a timely manner if you submitted your request at the last minute.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

We coordinate motor vehicle record checks with the College's insurance company for faculty, staff, and students 21 years of age and older.  This is a 14-business day process, so please be sure to submit all information well in advance of any planned travel.  Please fill out and submit the Driver Information Form to initiate this process.

Contact Information

Kristine Slaght
Director of Risk Management and Insurance

Diane Rogers
Assistant Director

Campus Location
319 Peggy Ryan Williams Center

Mailing Address
Ithaca College Risk Management
953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850-7000