1. Only Ithaca College drivers who are approved College drivers and have permission to operate College vehicles (see “Driving College Owned and Rented Vehicles”) are authorized to transport Minors during College-Sponsored Programs.
  2. Refer to the “Supervision Requirements” to determine the appropriate ratios (number of Minors per Authorized Adult) during transportation.
  3. An Authorized Adult is strictly prohibited from transporting (pick-up or drop-off) a Minor alone in a vehicle to/from any location, unless the Minor is the Authorized Adult’s child(ren).
  4. If a third-party provider (e.g., charted bus, school bus, etc.) will be hired to transport Minors to/from the College or to/from a different location other than the College, consult with the Office of Risk Management at the beginning of the program planning stage.
  5. Minors are NOT allowed to be transported in personal vehicles, golf carts, utility vehicles (gators), all-terrain vehicles (4-wheeler), etc.