Faculty and Staff Driving Approval Process

All Ithaca College faculty and staff who need to drive a College vehicle for College business or a College activity must authorize the College to check their MVR by completing a Driver Information Form to become an approved driver prior to operating a College Vehicle.

Staff and faculty who are licensed in New York State (NYS) will submit a Driver Information Form, once, the MVR vendor provides continuous monitoring and Risk Management will be notified about all motor vehicle activity, including infractions and accidents.

Staff and faculty who are licensed outside of NYS must resubmit a Driver Information Form every two academic years.  

Faculty and staff and their respective supervisor will be notified, via email, of their driving status. 

When infractions or accidents are evidenced on an MVR, or in a subsequent monitoring report, they are reviewed against the Driving College Vehicles Policy to determine if an individual meets the criteria to be an Ithaca College acceptable driver.  If an MVR or monitoring report contains unacceptable risk and the individual is not approved to drive; the individual, their respective supervisor, and Human Resources will be notified.