Background Check


The Office of Risk Management & Insurance will facilitate (through its third-party service provider) all background checks for the Protection of Minors Policy, which will include criminal history record checks at the state and federal level, and the national sex offender registry.  Risk Management will review the results of a background check to confirm eligibility of all Authorized Adults (program personnel) for participation in a program or activity involving Minors, with appropriate consultation, if needed, from the Office of General Counsel.  A background check is valid for three (3) years from when the check is initially conducted by the Office of Risk Management. 

The Program Director(s) are responsible for identifying and registering all Authorized Adults (program personnel) for the program or activity and ensuring all Authorized Adults have completed a background check prior to the program or activity start date.  Individuals who refuse to submit to a background check may not participate in a program or activity involving Minors.   

How to Begin Your Background Check

Individuals who need to complete a background check will receive an email from HireRight, which is the College’s third-party vendor.  Access to begin your background will be valid for seven (7) days, and then it will expire.  Begin the process soon after the email is received. 

Please Note:  Clicking on the link in the HireRight email and providing the required information is the start of the background check process, it can take up to 2 weeks for a completed background check to be returned.  If you receive automated messages from the minors registration site during this time, please disregard them.

Cost of Background Check

If the purpose of the program involving minors is for an academic class, the background check for all Authorized Adults (program personnel) will be covered by a College centralized fund.

However, if the program falls under an auxiliary program, the Program Director needs to budget $120 per person (for each Authorized Adult), including all employees, students, volunteers, hired third-parties, etc., who have not received a background check within the past three (3) years from the program start date.  In this context, an “auxiliary program” is any program that is charging a fee to participants where the fee is to be used to offset College expenditures and/or to yield a profit.  Please consider the background check expense when determining the appropriate cost per participant in a program.