Background Check

Program Directors should budget $120.00 in their program budget for each Program Personnel (including any employees, students, or volunteers) who has not received a Minors Policy background check within the two years prior to the Program start date. 

The Office of Risk Management & Insurance will facilitate (through its third-party service provider) all background checks, which will include criminal history record checks at the state and federal level, and the national sex offender registry.  Risk Management will review the results of a background check to confirm eligibility of all Authorized Adults (program personnel) for participation in a program or activity involving Minors, with appropriate consultation, if needed, from the Office of General Counsel.  A background check is valid for two years from when the check is initially conducted by the Office of Risk Management. 

The Program Director(s) are responsible for identifying and registering all Authorized Adults (program personnel) for the Program or activity, and ensuring all Authorized Adults have completed a background check prior to the program or activity start date.  Individuals who refuse to submit to a background check may not participate in a program or activity involving Minors.