Code of Conduct Working with Minors

Authorized Adults participating in a College-Sponsored Program or an External Entity taking part in a Non-College Sponsored Program involving Minors at College Facilities must NOT:

  1. Engage in One-on-One contact with a Minor in a closed/private area without the presence of at least one other adult member of the College Community, additional minor, or parent or legal guardian.*
  2. Enter a Minor's room, bathroom facility, or similar area when that Minor is staying overnight in College housing, or if overnight occurs off campus, without another Authorized Adult in attendance, except under emergency circumstances.*
  3. Sleep in the same room as a Minor(s). Separate accommodations for Authorized Adults and Minors are required other than for the Minors’ parents or legal guardians.*
  4. Engage in sexual activity with a Minor.
  5. Make sexual comments or tell jokes of a sexual nature to or in the presence of a Minor.
  6. Touch a Minor in a manner that could be reasonably interpreted as inappropriate.
  7. Engage in conversations regarding romantic, sexual or related manners unless in the role of a provider of health care or counseling, or faculty academically addressing materials of a sexual nature as part of a course, training, or classroom experience (i.e., consistent with academic freedom).
  8. Use, possess, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty or responsible for a Minor’s welfare (as defined in Section 2.8.8 of the Drug and Alcohol Policies).
  9. Engage in any other behavior prohibited under applicable College policies.
    • Engage in abusive conduct of any kind toward, or in the presence of, a Minor.
    • Transport (pick-up or drop-off) a Minor alone in a vehicle to/from any location, unless the Minor is the Authorized Adult’s child(ren). (See “Transportation” section)
    • Provide alcohol, illegal drugs, or other controlled substances to any Minor.
    • Expose Minors to sexually explicit materials, such as pornography.
    • Leave Minors without proper supervision.
    • Abuse or Neglect a Minor.
    • Photograph, film, or otherwise record a Minor without the prior written consent of the Minor’s parent or guardian.

* Ithaca College student(s) hosting Minors in College housing as part of a College-sponsored overnight visit involving prospective students, including those involving prospective student athletes, are NOT subject to prohibitions 1a., 1b., and 1c. above in this subsection.

Authorized Adults participating in College-Sponsored Programs or an External Entity taking part in a Non-College Sponsored Program at College Facilities must:

  1. Watch for and report any of the behavior not allowed (above) or consult with appropriate person(s) of authority when uncertain about a situation involving a Minor (see “Reporting” section of this policy);
  2. Maintain high standards of personal behavior when working with Minors;
  3. Treat all Minors consistently and with respect; and
  4. Maintain discipline and discourage inappropriate behavior.