Seminar Series: Spring 2020

The Biology department offers a seminar (BIOL 41100/41200) series each semester representing a broad range of topics in  biology.  These seminars are open to the entire community.  Refreshments are offered prior to the seminar and students are invited to meet with the speaker in a small group following the talk to answer questions related to the topic presented, or to answer questions regarding different careers in Biology.

Seminar Organizer, Maki Inada

January 23             Brief introductory meeting for students in Biology Seminar

January 30            Summer Scholars Information Session (by Te-Wen Lo)

February 6             Ed Bizari, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
                                      "Discovering cultures outside the lab"

February 13             Sara Kaiser, Cornell Lab of Ornithology                            

February 20              Benjamin Stein, Michigan State University  
“A novel, Fe-S-binding receiver domain regulates oxygen sensing in 
                                             Caulobacter crescentus

February 27                 Fay-Wei Li, Cornell University  
Three cool facts you must know about seed-free plants"

March 5                      Nicole Theodisiou, Union College
                                              “Game of Guts: spirals versus tubes   

March 19                    Patricia Mowery, Hobart and William Smith Colleges    
                                              “Building anti-cancer agents with undergraduates”

March 26                   MANDATORY Student Research Options for Fall 2020 (informal)
All students interested in enrolling in BIOL-302 must attend.

April 2                        Maki Inada's Sabbatical Presentation
                                           "Single-cell analyses:  Tokyo and Tagrisso"

April 9                      Ally Girasole, Biology ‘10   
TRAPing cells to treat Parkinson's disease”   

April 16                     Rhea Datta, Hamilton College    
"Exploring the cis-regulatory code of developmental enhancers
                                           in the Drosophila melanogaster embryo and eye"

April 23                      Biology Honors Symposium       

April 27                     Biochemistry Research Symposium    

 April 28 - 30           Biology Jr. Research Symposium        
(Tuesday - Thursday)

We hope you can join us.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

4:00 pm*
CNS 112

Refreshments beforehand (3:45-4:00pm) in the CNS first floor lobby.

*unless otherwise noted