ICC Designation Committee Members

Please email icc@ithaca.edu to request consideration. (There are no elections -- appointments are usually made by first response.) CCR has final approval of ICC designation committee members as they are elected by each school or Faculty Council.


Capstone (full CCR members only)

  • Christine Bataille, Michelle Bradshaw, Karin Breuer, Peter Johanns, Vivian Bruce Conger, Michael Caporizzo, and David Salomon

Diversity Attribute

  • Vivian Bruce Conger (liaison), Sean Eversley Bradwell, Ellie Fulmer, Linda Heyne, Tyrell Stewart, Christopher House

Writing Intensive Attribute

  • Vivian Bruce Conger (liaison), Mary Lourdes Silva, Jonathan Peeters, Toby Dragon, Matt Vosler

Quantitative Attribute

  • Vivian Bruce Conger (liaison), Chris Hummel, Kim Wilkinson, Dave Brown, Narges Kasiri, Teresa Moore, Christina Gomez

Themes & Perspectives 1 (Identities; Mind, Body, Spirit; World of Systems)

  • Michael Caporizzo (liaison), Srijana Bajracharya, Kathryn Caldwell, Christine (Chris) Pogorzala, Kathy Schlough, Sarah Sutton, Laura Muscalu

Themes & Perspectives 2 (Inquiry, Imagination, Innovation; The Quest for a Sustainable Future; Power & Justice)

  • Christine Bataille (liaison), Kari Brossard Stoos, Paul Dickson, Veronica Fox, Lauren O'Connell, Moustafa AbuELFadl

Study Abroad/Transfer Petitions

  • Peter Johanns and David Salomon