ICC Designation Committee Members

Please email icc@ithaca.edu to request consideration. (There are no elections -- appointments are usually made by first response.) CCR has final approval of ICC designation committee members as they are elected by each school or Faculty Council.


Capstone (full CCR members only)

  • James Morton, David Gondek, Fatima Hajjat, Deborah Wuest, Baruch Whitehead, and Brooks Miner.

Diversity Attribute

  • Baruch Whitehead (liaison), Mat Fournier, Ellie Fulmer, Skott Jones, Rebecca Plante

Writing Intensive Attribute

  • Fatima Hajjat (liaison), Johnathan Peeters, Amy Quan, Mary Lourdes Silva, Matt Vosler

Quantitative Attribute

  • Fatima Hajjat (liaison), Cristina Gomez, Chris Hummel, Narges Kasiri, Teresa Moore, Kimberly Wilkinson

Themes & Perspectives

  • Brooks Miner (liaison), Srijana Bajracharya, Laura Muscalu, Amy Rominger, Sarah Sutton, Paul Wilson
  • Brooks Miner (liaison), Laurie Arliss, Lisa Corewyn, Paul Dickson, Anna Larsen

Study Abroad/Transfer Petitions

  • Deborah Wuest