Numerical Index

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2.1 Distribution of Information to the Campus Community

2.1.1 Event Calendar

2.1.2 Mass E-mails to Students

2.1.3 Mass E-Mails to Faculty and Staff

2.1.4 Campus Mail Service

2.1.5 Intercom Alert Policy

2.2 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

2.3 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

2.4 Equity in Athletics

2.5 Institutional Policy on Disability

2.6 Policy on Sexual Harassment

2.7 Guidelines for Resolving Discrimination Complaints

2.8 Safety and Health Policies

2.8.1 Office of Public Safety

2.8.2 Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs

2.8.3 Rape, Other Sexual Offenses, and Sexual Harassment

2.8.4 Hate Crimes

2.8.5 Campus Crime Statistics

2.8.6 Campus Disciplinary Actions and Arrests

2.8.7 Hate Crime Statistics

2.8.8 Drug and Alcohol Policies and Information Drug-Free Workplace Policy Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 Policy Statement Federal, State, and Local Alcohol and Drug Laws Health Risks of Drugs and Alcohol College and Community Resources Campus Events and Alcoholic Beverages Policy Policy on Compliance with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act

2.8.9 College AIDS Policy

2.8.10 Smoking Policy

2.8.11 Occupational Safety Policies Job Safety Accidents Emergencies Emergency Building Evacuation Procedures Mercury Spill Safety Procedure

2.9 Emergency Closing

2.10 Technology Use Policies

2.10.1 All College Computer and Network Use Policy

2.10.2 Ithaca College Web Policy

2.10.3 Wireless Policy

2.11 Recreational Sports Facilities

2.11.1 Guest Policies

2.12 Advertising and Solicitation Policy

2.12.1 Solicitation Guidelines

2.12.2 Advertising Guidelines

2.12.3 General Solicitation and Advertising Guidelines

2.13 Venitt Terrace/Free Speech Rock

2.14 Flag Flying Reservation Process

2.15 Vehicle Registration/Parking

2.16 Driving College Vehicles

2.17 Identification Cards

2.18 Library Circulation Policy

2.19 Rental of Campus Facilities

2.20 Intellectual Property Policy

2.21 All-College Review Board for Human Subjects Research

2.22 Assurance of Compliance with Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals

2.23 Travel Policies

2.24 Entertainment Policy

2.25 Purchasing Policy and Procedures

2.26 Policies and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Services with Federal Funds

2.27 Ithaca College Surplus Property Disposal Policy

2.28 Payment Policy for Services Rendered

2.29 E-Z Pay Policies and Procedures

2.30 Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures

2.31 Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order

2.32 Copyright Policy and Guidelines

2.33 Policy on Use of Space Heaters

2.34 Ethics and Integrity Policy

2.35 Cell Phone Policy

2.36 Identity Theft Policy

2.37 Comprehensive Environmental Policy

2.38 Lost/Stolen or Damaged Computer Policy & Procedures

2.39 Animals/Pets on Campus Policy

2.40 Ithaca College Policy on Contract Review and Approval