Frequently Asked Questions

Are the public safety patrol officers on campus "real" police officers?
Yes. Public safety patrol officers receive their police powers from the New York State Criminal Procedure Law. They are also deputized through the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office. Officers are trained to the same standards as their colleagues in municipal police departments throughout New York State. They are armed to keep the campus safe. This is for your protection.

Are guns allowed on campus?
The possession or use of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, or other dangerous weapons (including knives and paintball guns) on College-owned property is strictly forbidden and is cause for disciplinary action. Ithaca College adheres to all New York State laws regarding firearms and other weapons.

Are traffic laws enforceable on campus?
Yes, most of the same standards that apply to public roads are also applicable to the campus. All drivers must:

  • maintain a valid license
  • keep vehicle registration and insurance current
  • wear a seatbelt
  • not use a cell phone while driving unless using a hands-free kit
  • and never, ever drive after drinking!