No surprise, Ithaca is well known for its gorges - a main attraction and must see. Perhaps less known is
the potential for danger and the fact that it is illegal to swim in the gorges of Ithaca.  Sadly, over the years, many have been seriously injured and killed swimming and jumping from great heights into the gorges. Both activities are extremely dangerous and may lead to tragic results which can easily be avoided. Even the best swimmers risk being pulled underwater by a current and drowned. Others who pursue the thrill of the jump or dive risk slipping, falling, and landing or colliding wrong with the rocks or water.

While there are no gorges situated immediately on the Ithaca College campus, the IC Office of Public
Safety and Emergency Management uses this opportunity to caution students to the potential hazards and risks and encourage responsible alternatives such as walking and hiking on the numerous designated trails that surround the area gorges.

Please be safe when discovering all that Ithaca Gorges has to offer. Exploring the gorges can be done safely and without incident when choosing to travel and remain on designated trails, yielding to fence lines, and adhering to posted signage and warnings of danger.

As an FYI, some of Cornell’s gorge safety program information can be found on