If you discover a fire in a campus residence hall or other building

  • Close the windows, leave the room or apartment, and lock the door behind you. At night, leave a light on.
  • Pull the fire alarm.
  • Exit the building immediately.
  • Call the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management at 911 or use a blue-light or other emergency telephone.
  • Do not reenter the building until told to do so by public safety officers.

When a fire alarm sounds

  • Feel your room's door. If it is cool, open it cautiously. If the accumulated smoke outside the door is not excessive, close your windows, lock your room door, and exit from the building by the designated or alternate routes. If the smoke is heavy, close the windows, lock your room door, and crawl or move in a crouched position to the nearest exit.
  • If the door is hot, do not open it. If the corridor is full of smoke to permit safe exit, stay in your room. Keep your door closed and stuff something in the space under the door. Open your window, hang a light-colored sheet or towel over the ledge to signal for assistance, and crouch on the floor directly beneath the window.

When exiting a building during a fire or fire alarm

  • Never use an elevator; always use the stairs.
  • Crawl or move in a crouched position in smoke-filled hallways.
  • Do not push others in the stairwells as you exit.
  • Assist individuals with physical impairments.
  • Upon exiting the building, stay clear of parking lots and fire lanes so that emergency vehicles can get through safely.
  • Proceed to the assembly area designated for the building.
  • Do not attempt to fight a fire -- let the professionals do it.