Wherever you live

  • Keep police and emergency numbers near your telephone.
  • Lock all doors and windows whenever you leave. Take your keys with you, even if you are just going down the hall to the bathroom, showers, lounge, or if you plan to leave for only a short while.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked whenever possible, especially when sleeping.
  • Do not lend your keys to service people or anyone whom you do not know well or trust.
  • Do not attach your name or address to your key chain.
  • Before allowing visitors to enter your room, always know who they are by asking for identification. Do not rely on a chain lock to prevent entry; it is not sufficient protection.
  • Do not open your door if a stranger asks to use your telephone. Instead, offer to call for emergency assistance for him or her.
  • Always carry identification with you.
  • Report any suspicious or unusual activities immediately to your local police agency.

In residence halls

  • Do not prop open residence hall exit doors.
  • Meet visitors and delivery people at the main lobby door. They can phone you from the entrance by using the security-access phone located outside each residence hall.
  • Do not allow strangers to enter your room or apartment unless they are properly identified. If a stranger does enter, demand that he or she leave. If he or she refuses, create a commotion and leave quickly. Call the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (Public Safety) immediately.
  • Do not keep jewelry, large sums of money, or other valuable items in your room or apartment. Store valuables elsewhere when on vacation.
  • If you are accosted in a hallway or public area of a residence hall and feel that you are in danger, create a commotion and contact Public Safety at 911 or 274-3333 or by using an emergency phone.

Report unauthorized solicitors

  • Report unauthorized solicitors in the residence halls or on the Ithaca College campus to Public Safety. Solicitation is not allowed without a permit, and no one is permitted to sell anything door-to-door on campus. If you suspect someone of being an unauthorized solicitor, call 274-3333 immediately. Do not confront him or her.
  • Report any suspicious or unusual activities immediately to Public Safety at 911 or 274-3333.