Preparedness Saves Lives!

Training Is Available

Recent incidents of school and workplace violence have greatly increased campus interest in violence prevention resources. Ithaca College and the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management offer a variety of training tools and informational resources to enhance your personal safety on campus.

*Content Warning: Please note that some of the content in the Run-Hide-Fight Training video may be disturbing.* 

In the event of a violent threat on campus, Ithaca College supports the “Run-Hide-Fight” response strategy. A variety of training videos on the Run-Hide-Fight strategy are available for you to view online. One recommended video was produced at SUNY-New Paltz and discusses Run-Hide-Fight specifically within the context of college campuses.

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management staff are available to present emergency preparedness and response training to your office, department, or organization. While the pieces of training can be tailored to your group’s specific need, a Powerpoint training presentation that is general to any audience is available at all times to campus community members. This presentation provides a basic overview of emergency communications, emergency protocols, and managing a violent threat on campus.  

Ithaca College’s Emergency Readiness and Response Guide offers information on how to best manage numerous emergency conditions, including a weather-related emergency, hazardous conditions, active shooter or similar violent threats. The Emergency Readiness and Response Guide is available for download at all times through the Public Safety website at

In addition, Ithaca College has Emergency Communications Resources and protocols in place, which are located at

Because an emergency can happen at any time, we encourage you to review these resources before you find yourself in the middle of one. As always, please report an emergency or anything suspicious to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management as soon as possible.

We acknowledge that this topic may be difficult or troubling for some people. The following resources are available:

CAPS: 607-274-3136
ICare: 607-274-7731
Religious & Spiritual Life: 607-274-3103
Employee Assistance Program: 1-800-327-2255
Public Safety: 607-274-3333
Public Safety Anonymous Tip Line: 607-274-1060

In the event of a violent act or active shooter on our campus, the outcome is a responsibility that our entire community shares. However, you can depend on the officers and staff from Public Safety to respond very quickly to help keep our campus and community safe.