What are the Ithaca College policy and procedures for renting a vehicle from an off-campus rental company, such as Enterprise?

Policy pertaining to approved Ithaca College drivers and use of an Ithaca College travel card for rental vehicles is located at:

Please keep in mind that only
Ithaca College faculty, staff and students who have been approved to drive College vehicles are authorized to operate Collegeowned or rented vehicles. Furthermore, an employee who is not an approved College driver must pay for rental car expenses by using their personal credit card, as opposed to the College’s travel card, resulting in their personal automobile insurance being the primary insurance coverage. If a nonapproved College driver pays for a rental car using a College travel card this will be considered misuse of the travel card and subject to loss of card privileges. Students are not allowed to submit a rental request for a College-owned vehicle or for an off-campus rental, as this process must be completed by an Ithaca College employee who is organizing the transportation.