Media Production - Film Shoot Request Forms - ON and OFF Campus

Please submit the applicable form (ON CAMPUS OR OFF CAMPUS) a minimum of 21 business days before the production/shoot is scheduled; due to the content and/or type of props some shoots may require additional review time.

After you complete and submit the appropriate form, the Dean's Office will begin a review; and in some instances The Offices of Public Safety, Risk Management and General Counsel may need to review a shoot/production. Upon completion of all reviews you will receive a communication from the Dean's Office and/or Risk Management containing recommendations/guidance for your production, do not move forward with filming until you receive confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Each form allows you to provide information for up to three locations. This eliminates the need for you to complete multiple forms for a single media production/film shoot. It is important that you break down your shoot by each filming location, for example; if you will be shooting in NYC, over the course of a week, in a park, on a street and at a restaurant each distinct location should be separate in the online form and show the dates for that location only.

Location #1 - the park. 12/1 - 12/3
Location #2 - the street. 12/3 - 12/4
Location #3 - the restaurant. 12/5

Be sure to supply detailed descriptions of action or activities and note which location (#1, #2 or #3) it corresponds to.
Tip -The more detail you provide the fewer followup questions will be asked.

Each prop field has space that allows you to indicate at which location/s (#1, #2 or #3) you will be using the prop and to provide details regarding how you are using it.
Tip - Some props require review and approval of Public Safety, the Dean's Office and/or Risk Management.

To further assist you the Park Communications site has approved template forms to use in connection with your production/shoot. Only approved forms will be accepted.


For the Natural Lands: Please contact Jake Brenner to discuss your specific location and proposed activity, kindly confirm you have done so, preferably in the online request form. For other locations use 25Live, Conference and/or Event Services and for parking lots contact Parking Services.


The Dean's Office will expect confirmation you have made contact with and/or received permission from the location owner or manager, please be sure to communicate the status in the online form.

To expedite the process, below are links for the City of Ithaca and the New York State Fingerlakes Parks. Note: Both entities have a formal approval process which much be completed before you will receive a permit granting permission to film.

  • City of Ithaca filming permit requests. Students must complete the online "Request to Film on City Property Application". The application will be reviewed, then distributed to all affected departments (i.e. Parking Director if in a garage, Chief of Police if on a street, etc.) please allow sufficient time for review. Please DO NOT make contact with City Officials directly, that will only delay your approval. If approved, a certificate of insurance will be issued to the City when applicable. You DO NOT need to have a certificate of insurance in order to submit the online request form to the City. Upon approval by the City of Ithaca the College will supply the required proof of insurance.
  • Finger Lakes New York State Park Film Permit: Students need to download and complete the application. Note: Students are NOT authorized to sign this permit application on behalf of Ithaca College you must work with the Dean's Office. Upon approval, a certificate of insurance will be issued when applicable.

The link for each form (ON CAMPUS OR OFF CAMPUS) can be found on the left side bar.