Authorized Adults (program personnel over the age of 18 years) are required to complete training that covers identifying and responding to inappropriate interactions involving Minors. The training needs to occur prior to the first day of the College-Sponsored Program (training is valid for one year). To satisfy this requirement, each Authorized Adult must:

A. Successfully complete the online course Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct (please refer to the United Educators online course registration guidelines), or complete in-person training by the Office of Risk Management.

Training also includes:

1. Review the content of the Protection of Minors Policy; and

2. Review Emergency Readiness and Response Planning and the Emergency Response Guide at; and

3. Review the Guidelines for Interactions with Minors; and

4. Review the Program Director’s written safety plan.

B. Authorized Adults working with Minors in labs, art or shop facility, or another setting where Minors may be exposed to hazardous materials, equipment (e.g., machinery or tools), or other health-related situations must contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S). Additional training may be required, including age restrictions. The training length and content is specific to the program and may be provided by EH&S or an Authorized Adult in the program, as appropriate. The training will be documented and maintained by EH&S and it must be completed before Minors can take part in a College-Sponsored Program.

C. Requirements for laboratories must be followed in the Minors in Laboratories Policy. If a Program Director plans on using chemicals or hazardous equipment, the Hazard Identification and Control Form must be completed and submitted to EH&S. Other forms may also be required.