Resources and Guidelines for Domestic Travel

Please review the following guidelines and documents to organize your trip:

Review and complete the Risk Management Questionnaire

Prepare a risk management plan and distribute to all travelers. Some areas to consider:

  • Identify risks for your specific trip, including location, weather, culture, etc.
  • Consider and analyze how the identified risks could potentially affect the travel and travelers
  • How to manage the potential risks, including an emergency plan
  • Ways to mitigate the risks
  • Contact information, including names, phone #s, public safety, trip leader, etc.

If there is a need to charter a bus, please review approved bus providers. Only approved bus providers can be used for College travel.

Anyone who operates College-owned or rented vehicles must be an approved College driver and must be at least 19 years of age. Vehicles can only be rented by a College employee. If you are not an approved College driver it is against College policy for an employee to use their College travel/credit card for a vehicle rental.

Approved student drivers must not operate any vehicle for longer than a three-hour period. Please review the Student Driver Handbook.

Review Motor Vehicle Accident Procedures

Injuries - if any injuries occur and need medical attention during the trip, contact 911 and report incident to public safety and risk management immediately.

Release Waivers may be required to be completed by all participants.

Please be familiar with the College Travel Policy

A Certificate of Insurance may be required to be submitted to the College by the third party (if IC will be contracting with a third party during the course of trip), and the College may be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the third party.

Trip leader(s) need to schedule a pre-trip meeting with all participants to review student conduct code, policies, lodging, distribute trip itinerary and emergency contact cards, review emergency protocol, injury reporting, student driver expectations, and motor vehicle accident procedures.

Medical Forms must be completed by all participants and copies must be with trip leader(s) during trip duration.

Trip Itinerary - distribute final version to all participants and have a copy available in campus department prior to departure.

Emergency Contact Card - prepare a card with pertinent contact phone #s, including trip leader(s), all participants, IC public safety, lodging facility, etc.

Health Insurance Cards must be carried by all participants at all times.

All trip leaders must have cell phones.