As Sexual Assault Awareness Month is recognized this April, the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management reaffirms its commitment to keeping all members of the Ithaca College community safe.  We would like to make you aware of   events associated with Sexual Assault Awareness Month, campus resources and information related to sexual assault prevention and response, and Public Safety programs available in support of this mission.  


Please refer back regularly as new events are added to the schedule.

- Monday, April 11:The Birds and the Bees Unabridged 

A play about healthy relationships being presented in the Earl McCarroll Studio Theatre (1st floor Dillingham) for a 5:30pm AND 8pm performance.  There will be a talk back session for the audience after the first performance.

- Monday April 18: Difficult Dialogues Art Show

An art show featuring pieces by members of the Ithaca College community addressing the theme of sexual assault.  Presented in the Klingenstein Lounge, 6 to 9 p.m.

- Wednesday, April 27: "Bringing in the Bystander - Bystander Intervention Peer Education"

A discussion of bystander intervention as a sexual assault prevention strategy, facilitated by students to students.  Presented in the Klingenstein Lounge, 7 to 8 p.m.

- Friday, April 29th: Take Back the Night

A march from Ithaca College leaves Textor Circle at 6:15 pm.  Rally begins on the Ithaca Commons at 7pm.

Information and Resources

SHARE (Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education) is a multi-department collaboration that serves as Ithaca College's primary sexual assault response and prevention information center.  The SHARE website is available at  This site provides information on support resources available to students, assistance with reporting incidents of sexual violence, and details on confidentiality practices, understanding the different forms of sexual violence, Title IX investigations and support, and more.  The SHARE site seeks to adopt an inclusive approach by recognizing that individuals who have experienced sexual violence, friends and family who want to provide support, and the general campus community all have different but important needs in an informational resource.  If you have suggestions for additional content that would be beneficial or other enhancements to the SHARE website, please contact Title IX Coordinator Tiffani Ziemann at

Community Programming

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management offers a variety of programs and initiatives to protect students from sexual violence on campus, as well as collaborating on initiatives to address the root causes of such violence.  

Training in bystander intervention is one key tenet of Ithaca College's sexual assault prevention strategy.  Bystander intervention promotes the idea that all members of the campus community have the power to recognize and intervene in threats of sexual violence.  This is a great training option for residential communities, academic departments, student organizations, and other groups who want to promote a shared sense of commitment to keeping their members safe from harm.  Bystander intervention training is available from both Public Safety professional staff and from student peer trainers depending on the needs and interests of the audience.  For additional information on bystander intervention training, please contact Andrew Kosinuk, the Crime Prevention and Community Events Liaison at the Office of Public Safety, at

As of summer 2015, Ithaca College now offers Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) programming on campus to female students, staff, and faculty.  R.A.D. is a long-standing and nationally recognized self-defense program geared specifically toward a female audience, and is presented by certified R.A.D. instructors from Public Safety.  For additional information on R.A.D., please visit and and look for upcoming training dates throughout 2016.

A variety of other safety programs and educational initiatives are available from Public Safety.  To learn more about these numerous and diverse training and programming options, please visit


Throughout Sexual Assault Prevention Month, Public Safety has the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of valued on and off-campus partners on sexual assault prevention initiatives.  These partners also present their own outstanding programs and advocacy efforts in April and throughout the year.  We would like to acknowledge our appreciation of these partners and encourage you to learn more about these groups and their work.

Active Minds:

Advocacy Center:


Hillel/Ask Biq Questions:

Ithaca College Difficult Dialogues

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