Student Opportunities

SAS has several student positions that are an integral part of our office, Testing Center, and technology initiatives.   If positions are available, they will be posted online through the student employment office.  

Office Assistants help the day to day operation of SAS and may:

  • Monitor the "Front" of the office as students come and go

  • Proctor, read, or scribe exams as needed 

  • Generate Test Return logs 

  • Return completed exams to Dean’s Offices 

  • Maintain a daily log to document test-related activities, concerns, and priorities 

  • Address current or potential problems in a timely manner with input from SAS Specialists

  • Answer and transfer basic phone calls or incoming questions.

  • Assist with Adaptive Technology as needed 

    • Convert course material to an accessible format 

Proctors are regularly scheduled in our testing center to assist SAS students taking exams:

  • Provide SAS students with exam accommodations

  • Ensure exam instructions followed

  • Monitor students during exams 

  • Contact Testing Services Specialist for exam clarification 

  • Collect completed exams and return to SAS

Readers/Scribe are scheduled as needed to:

  • Read exam instructions and questions aloud, verbatim, to a single student 

  • Transpose dictation of student responses verbatim 

    • Responses will be recorded on Scantrons or in essay format 

  • Read responses back to the student for approval 

  • Contact Testing Services Specialist for exam clarification 

  • Return completed exam to SAS

Technology Assistants are regularly scheduled to assist the SAS Technology Specialist

  • Convert course material to an accessible format (Training Provided)
  • Ensure accuracy of documents and readings
  • Track daily conversion work
  • Other special projects related to technology are generally assigned to this position with assistance from the director or adaptive technology specialist.

Front Desk student workers are regularly scheduled to assist the SAS/Tutoring administrative assistant

  • Answer phone calls, take messages, and direct information to the correct team member.
  • Serve as the initial contact for students arriving for meetings and appointments.
    • Notify specialists of students as they arrive.
  • Schedule students/faculty/staff/parents for appointments if requested.