Renewing Accommodations

General Policies

  1. Accommodation plans must be renewed every semester for each class the student chooses to renew in.  
  2.  Students can request accommodations online using the Student Accommodation Portal.  
  3. A plan is not active until you receive a copy for each class in your email.  This may take several business days after a request is made. 
    • Faculty members may also require a reasonable amount of time to review plans and start the provision of individual accommodations.  
  4. Students not eligible to renew online will be asked to schedule a zoom or phone appointment. 
    • Eligible students:
      1. Have permanent documentation
      2. Are not requesting new accommodations
      3. Have worked with SAS for 2 semesters
      4. Are not on any academic warning

Renewing for Fall

Information regarding renewing for Fall will be emailed to students over Summer break.  

Renewing Winter/Summer Courses

Due to the timing and number of students who take winter/summer courses, all requests for accommodation plans to be sent for winter/summer classes should be emailed to

  • Students may only request accommodations after they have registered for the class. 
  • Make sure to include the classes you wish to have renewed. 
  • All requests are reviewed by an SAS specialist before being officially renewed.