Rights and Responsibilities

Accommodations for individuals with a disability are required by law to ensure equal access to the opportunities at Ithaca College. Through the interactive process students, staff, SAS, and faculty all have a role to play in ensuring equal and effective accommodations.

What is the interactive process?

The “interactive process” is the process by which accommodations are requested, discussed, implemented, and refined.  Documentation from relevant outside professionals is considered as part of this process.   

Initially, it involves a student advocating for or requesting specific accommodations with Student Accessibility Services and may expand to include relevant faculty and staff.  It is important to note that through the interactive process, accommodations can also be declined if they are not supported by documentation, would cause an undue financial or administrative burden, would result in an alteration to a fundamental course requirement, or would result in a direct threat to the health or safety of the IC community.   

Rights of the Student:

  • Students have the right to access educational environments at Ithaca College (both physical and learning) free from discrimination based on their disability.  

  • Students have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodations ,if necessary, to facilitate equal access to educational opportunities at Ithaca College. 

  • Students have the right to be a part of the interactive process in determining and refining accommodations. 

  • Students have the right to be protected against discrimination and to a fair grievance process.  Concerns regarding the issuance of accommodations and services will be addressed through the institutional policy on Services for Students with Disabilities.  Complaints of discrimination will be addressed in accordance with the Guidelines for Resolving Discrimination Complaints, or the procedures in the Student Conduct Code when based on student conduct. 

  • Students have the right to choose to not use approved accommodations. 

  • Students have the right to not disclose a disability if they do not wish to seek accommodations. 

  • Students have the right to receive accommodations approved by SAS without further disclosures of private information regarding a disabling condition.   

Responsibilities of the Student: 

  • Students are responsible for meeting all fundamental requirements of the college, course, or major in which they are enrolled.   

  • Students are responsible for engaging in the interactive process to request, develop and refine accommodations.   

  • Students are responsible for communicating with SAS in a timely fashion when any issues with approved accommodations arise. 

  • Students are responsible for notifying SAS when an accommodation is no longer needed or if they add/drop a class that needs accommodations. 

  • Students are responsible for renewing their accommodation plan each semester 

  • Students are responsible for following Ithaca College procedures when receiving accommodations including those involving contact with staff and faculty.